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My published work

On this page you'll find some of the people I've worked with and some of my published work.

Freelance photographer at VisitNordsjælland

Since December 2021 I have been a part of their crew of photographers. I portrait people and nature on the coast of northern Zealand.



With over 170.000 followers, their articles are widely read and if you feel like it, read the article here:

Skærmbillede 2021-11-22 kl. 14.48.31.png

Front Cover Sportsfiskeren

Sportsfiskeren is a member's magazine for Sportsfiskerforbundet. It has more than 18.000 members and is both available in paper and online. Visit if you wish to become a member and support some important work and campaigns in order to rehabilitate rivers and take care of the ocean.


Go Visit Denmarks Kampagne
"Bare Danmark

Go Visit Denmark has over 350.000 followers and in their campaign last summer, they bought one of my photos to use on their website.

This portrait got to 2nd round in a big scandinavian portrait competition. 


Maria Jernov

Creative collab

She has been travelling for years, sharing her creative mind through photos and sharing her knowledge on fashion as an earlier market editor for Elle Magazine. With her almost 40.000 followers on instagram she shares art, fashion, music and her travels.



Skate community for women founded by Gry Thelander. Now managed by Gry and Maria Jernov. It has grown quickly through the last years and I have been their photographer almost since the beginning.

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